About us

  Hi, I just thought I'd introduce myself.
My name is Leslee and Stencils for Walls has been my baby since 1997 it started off as a bricks & mortar shop & ended up online.

Years ago when I first came to South Africa (I'm a Brit) I was looking for stencils to decorate my new home, I couldn't find any anywhere.
So I decided to start making my own, I've always been quite good at drawing I just had to learn how to draw a stencil, not as easy as you think 
and cut it out, even harder. I started the business with just 38 designs and now, many years later have over 1100 individual stencil designs for you to choose from,
all of them are made from 10 mil Mylar polyester film and of course, we Laser Cut for perfection. Most of the stencils are one layer; this is to keep things simple and the costs down. We are situated in Centurion, South Africa and send our stencils all over the world, they usually take about 3 working days to get you.